Design management package: Efficient administration and organization

Welcome to our design management package! With this comprehensive tool, we provide you with a central place to store and manage all design application and design family information. Our package is designed to provide you with numerous benefits and features to streamline your design processes and save you time.

Benefits of the package

  1. All design application and design family information in one place: Our tool allows you to store all relevant information about your designs in one central location. This gives you a comprehensive overview and allows you to quickly access the data you need.
  2. Save time: We automate time-consuming administrative activities so you can use your time more efficiently. Automated workflows support you in extending design families and help you compile information.
  3. Overview of all ToDos: With our package you always keep track of pending tasks. You can manage your to-do list and see which steps still need to be completed.
  4. Customized search options (tags): To make it easier to find your designs, we offer you the option to use tags. By assigning individual keywords, you can quickly search for specific designs.

Functions of the package

  • Workflows per design file when creating files: Our tool supports you with predefined workflows when creating new design files. This guides you step by step through the process and ensures that nothing is overlooked.
  • Deadlines, reminders, and appointments: You can set important deadlines and dates for your design files and receive reminders to make sure everything gets done on time.
  • Graphic rendering of the design: Our package offers you the possibility to display the design graphically. This will give you a visual impression and help you analyze the design.
  • Record costs to the file: You can record costs related to your design files to keep track of financial aspects.
  • Contact linking: You can link relevant contacts to design files for better communication and collaboration.
  • Keyword function (tags): By assigning keywords, you can categorize your design files and quickly search for specific topics or aspects.
  • Notes and comments on the file: You have the option to add notes and comments to the design files to record important information or communicate with other team members.
  • Family relations as a family tree or family list: Our package allows you to display the relationships between different design families graphically as a family tree or in the form of a list.
  • Grouping by base design: You can group your design files based on the underlying base design for better clarity.
  • Variable number of official notices (date) recordable: You can record and manage a variable number of official notices with corresponding data for your design files.

Our design management package offers you a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage and organize your designs. The features and benefits provided will help you streamline your design processes, save time, and get a better overview of your design files and families. Get started now and increase your design productivity!

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