The Power Search: Efficient Document Management Made Easy

Power Search offers you a ground-breaking search function for your document management. With its impressive functions, it enables you to search for information efficiently and quickly. Find out what advantages this special function offers you!

OCR text recognition and search in various formats‍

Thanks to OCR text recognition, you can not only search the text of traditional documents, but also look for relevant information in images and scans. Power search supports a variety of searchable formats, including doc and pdf, to ensure you find the content you're looking for quickly.

Full text search via files & documents

‍PowerSearch lets you search the entire contents of your files and documents. Instead of having to limit yourself to keywords or metadata, the full-text search gives you a comprehensive overview of all relevant information. This saves time and allows you to focus on the really important content.

The benefits of the power search at a glance

  • Continuous search across all file contents
  • Reduction of the effort required to keyword documents
  • True digitization of scanned documents through automated text recognition (OCR)

Power search makes your document management more efficient than ever. Use advanced OCR text recognition to search the content of uploaded files in various formats. Save time and effort in keywording documents and benefit from the true digitization of scanned documents. Discover Power Search and optimize your search for information.

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