As the person responsible for IT in the company, there are very many points that must be considered before agreeing to a software purchase. These points often have to be considered across departments and usually find a "final approval" of all aspects in the IT department. The aspects are very complex and extensive, which makes the task in IT today more and more complex.

You almost don't want to be in the shoes of IT officers today whose job it is to pick the right cloud service provider. The requirements here are extensive!

Solution Consideration

When we look at the problem, it quickly becomes clear that IT must consider several aspects when acquiring cloud software. When departments of a company come to the IT department to have a software acquisition signed off, they have often already been able to clarify questions about the applicability of the new software to be purchased. For example, these questions have already found answers:

Is the software intuitive to use?

Ease of use: the software should be easy to use and understand to ensure that the team can work with it quickly and effectively.

What about user questions and training?

Training and Education: It is important to ensure that the team receives training or education to effectively use the new software. Good training ensures that the team can take full advantage of the software and quickly fix any potential problems.

However, many essential issues in the acquisition of software are often overlooked today!

While IT should certainly look at these issues as well, it needs to focus on points that users tend to overlook.

Most of the time, IT is faced with more than half-finished sets of requirements and has to decide whether to choose the right cloud service provider

Solution implementation

What are the important questions that users tend to overlook when they come to the IT department with a software acquisition request?

Can the software be embedded in the corporate landscape?

Compatibility: The new software should be compatible with the existing systems and applications in the company. It is important to check whether the new software can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure to ensure smooth operation.

Seamless embedding of cloud software is of crucial importance, especially in an internationally operating corporate environment

Have you sufficiently considered the multi-tenancy of the cloudsotware?

The larger the company, the more subsidiaries there are. Is the software to be purchased also multi-client capable? True multi-client capability is an essential criterion when choosing the right cloud service provider for a company with subsidiaries.

Is it a cloud that ensures the best possible level of data security?

Data security is an important aspect when choosing the right software. The software should ensure that the company's confidential data is protected and secured from unauthorized access.

Have all the requirements of the GDPR really been met or even exceeded?

It is an important and often underestimated task to check these specifications. But in many companies, IT is also called upon to do this. At the very least, IT must ensure that any company data protection officer also takes a close look at the cloud service provider.

There are many aspects to checking the security of a cloud service provider. Not only the cloud service itself, but also the e-mail service used and the like must be put to the test.

How flexible is the software in adapting to the company's own requirements?

The software should be flexible enough to adapt to the specific requirements of the company. This means that the software should be customizable to support specific business processes and workflows.

Does the software provider have a concept for updates and future developments?

It is also important to know the software provider's plans for future developments and updates. Software that is continuously developed will be more suitable for the company in the future and ensure a long-term investment.

Does the cloud provider work with ISO-certified cloud server landscapes?

Nowadays, there are many ISO certifications available that show users whether a cloud service provider has positioned itself accordingly or not.

The providers used for our cloud infrastructure are certified as follows
ISO/IEC 27018:2019
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO/IEC 27017:2015
ISO/IEC 27701:2019

A Tisax certification for Continux GmbH is currently being planned.

You should already be able to rely on the fact that the chosen cloud service provider knows what it is doing and that appropriate experts are on hand before you choose it (or "get under its cloud building")

Added value

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