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Welcome to the Idea Portal Package! This comprehensive toolset gives you the opportunity to capture, evaluate, develop and submit your creative ideas as professional invention disclosures. Our portal offers a variety of features to help you with this process.

What is the Continux ideas portal?

The Continux Ideas Portal is a digital platform that enables companies, universities or institutes to collect and manage ideas from employees, customers or other stakeholders. These ideas can, for example, be suggestions for new products, services or processes. The portal provides a central place where ideas can be collected and also evaluated. This facilitates the exchange of ideas and feedback, which can help to promote innovation and creativity within the company. The Continux digital process is then used to evaluate the ideas, develop them further and convert them into invention disclosures at the push of a button, so to speak. For example, various criteria such as feasibility, profitability or competitiveness can be taken into account. The idea portal can also be used as an instrument for promoting collaboration and improving innovation management throughout the company if desired.

Functions of the ideas portal package

  1. Invention disclosure submission: You can easily submit your invention disclosures and digitally record all required information. Our optimized inventor view module allows you to enter ideas in a clear and structured way.
  2. Creating and collecting ideas: The idea portal offers you the possibility to collect your ideas in one central place. You can create, save and manage different ideas to keep track of them and not forget anything.
  3. Evaluation of the announcement from the inventor's point of view: We understand that evaluating your ideas from your own perspective is important. Our portal allows you to evaluate your announcements from an inventor's perspective and develop them to their full potential.
  4. Generation of printable invention disclosure: Once you have fully captured your ideas, you can generate a printable invention disclosure with just a few clicks. This greatly simplifies the process of filing with the patent department and saves you time and effort.
  5. Collaboration between inventors: The Ideas Portal promotes collaboration and exchange between multiple inventors. They can work together on ideas, provide feedback and jointly submit invention disclosures. This enables effective teamwork and strengthens the quality of your inventions.
  6. Digital document exchange: Our portal enables secure and efficient document exchange. You can upload relevant files and information, share and collaborate with other inventors without relying on physical documents.
  7. Interactive workflow (subsequent submission of data): If additional information or updates to an invention disclosure are required, you can easily resubmit them. Our interactive workflow allows you to add data subsequently and track the progress of your reports.
  8. Status from invention disclosure: You can view the status of your invention disclosures at any time. Our portal keeps you up to date on the current status of your notifications and informs you of any queries or further steps.

Benefits of the ideas portal package for you

  • Easy and clear capture of ideas in an optimized inventor view.
  • Fully digital transmission of ideas as invention disclosures as soon as all required information is available.
  • Automatic notifications and possibility to resubmit information in case of queries.
  • Collaborate with other inventors to work on ideas and submit them together.
  • Efficient digital document exchange for smooth collaboration.
  • Interactive workflow to easily resubmit data and track progress.
  • Continuous visibility of the status of your invention disclosures.

The Ideas Portal package is your reliable companion on the way to successfully submitting your ideas and inventions. Use the diverse functions to realize your creative thoughts and drive your innovations forward. Start today with the Ideas Portal Package and discover a new dimension of idea development and invention submission!

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