Invoicing package - Efficient working time recording and invoicing

Our billing package offers you a comprehensive solution for managing and billing working hours as well as for professional invoicing. With a wide range of functions, this package enables you to handle your billing processes efficiently and precisely.

Working time recording

‍Withthe invoicing package, you can easily record and manage working times. You have the option of recording working times with different hourly rates and charging them on flexibly. This allows you to allocate the costs as required and thus ensure that the expenses incurred are precisely assigned to your customers or projects.


‍Invoicingbecomes a straightforward task with our invoicing package. You can customize your invoices and make various configurable settings. The package allows you to create cost centers for each IP right and allocate costs for specific services or projects. This allows you to keep track of your finances and ensure a clear cost structure.

Benefits of the package

‍Ourinvoicing package offers you numerous benefits that help you make your invoicing processes more efficient and allocate costs accurately. Here is an overview of some of the most important benefits:

  • Costs can be charged on optionally
  • You have various configurable settings for invoices
  • You can record and charge working hours with different hourly rates
  • Cost centers per property right
  • Charging on of costs

Overall, our invoicing package offers you a comprehensive solution for efficient working time recording and professional invoicing. Thanks to the diverse functions, you can optimize your billing processes, allocate costs accurately and establish a transparent cost structure. Ease your administrative burden and concentrate on the essentials - your core business.

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