A company must recognize that it is important to support inventors to the highest degree, as they always make inventions as an "add-on" to their daily work

Who does not know this? On the one hand, you have to get on with your day-to-day business, but on the other hand, if you have ideas that are usually "out of the ordinary" (that's the nature of things), you should hold on to them, work them out and, whenever possible, turn them into an invention. Of course, the day-to-day business remains in the background, and many inventors thus repeatedly find themselves in situations that lead to a double burden or overload. At the same time, the best inventions always arise from an idea that is not "lost" in the daily work routine.

For a company, any invention is first of all a gift, the content needs testing, but is always a surprise

Every company talks about promoting innovation, many companies also put this into practice

Promoting innovation: Excellent software tools often also offer innovative functions and technologies that help designers and developers to implement their creative ideas. They enable employees to explore new approaches to solutions, create prototypes and develop innovative products. By providing such tools, the company promotes innovation among its employees.

Solution Consideration

Companies that support their developers and designers send a clear message: "You are essential to our company"!

Supporting designers and developers with excellent software tools sends a clear message: the company invests in the further development and success of its employees. This contributes to employee satisfaction and increases retention. Satisfied employees are more motivated, more committed and perform better.

Ideas are fleeting and want to be looked at and "captured"!

Solution implementation

Benefit of good software tools for the inventors especially also in the cooperation with other departments like for example the patent department or product management

As always, it boils down to the need for good software for transparent collaboration and good teamwork. Software tools such as the Continux Idea Portal facilitate collaboration and the exchange of information between inventors and other departments that need to be involved in connection with a patent application. They shovel the inventor's back as far as possible, allowing him to put his actual work aside for a short time to help develop an invention, first on his own and then across departments.

The inventor must have the freedom and space to put aside his daily work in order to then be able to develop good ideas or inventions for the company

They allow employees to work on collaborative projects, share files, provide feedback and track progress. Work on daily tasks can continue seamlessly at any time. Ideas collected in parallel can be easily followed up in case of interruptions or when the time comes.

You can collect your big and small ideas and put them aside, continue to work on the day-to-day business and pick them up again at any time.

This promotes effective teamwork and improves communication within the company.

Collaboration has various influences and usually affects more than just one department or workplace

And, last but not least, it relieves the burden on developers so that, ideally, they no longer have to worry about submitting inventions as extra work over and above their daily work.

Added value

Transparency and time savings create enjoyment for inventors and thereby motivate them to make even more inventions

Overall, providing excellent software tools like Continux to designers and developers provides a variety of benefits to the business, including increased efficiency, quality assurance, teamwork, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

The more space you create for inventions, the better you support them with software tools, the more ideas become inventions!

Real competitive advantage through support for inventors

Acquiring state-of-the-art software like Continux is an investment that pays off in the long run, motivates the inventor, increases ideas and inventions, and can give the company a competitive edge.

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