Product description: Email integration for Continux

Continux's email integration provides you with powerful special functionality to seamlessly integrate your emails into the system. With this integration, you can efficiently convert emails into tasks, transfer email texts directly into files and save attachments in your files. These features allow you to make the most of your emails to organize information and improve workflows.

Generation of tasks from e-mails

With email integration, you can convert emails directly into tasks. This gives you the possibility to generate important tasks directly from emails and assign them to the appropriate people. This way, you won't miss anything essential and you can make your work process more efficient.

Transfer of e-mail text to files

Thanks to seamless integration, you can transfer email texts directly to the appropriate files. Instead of laboriously copying information manually, you can simply transfer the email text to the appropriate file. This saves you valuable time and ensures consistent documentation of your communication.

Seamless integration of your e-mail inbox

Email integration allows seamless integration of your email inbox or collective mailbox into Continux. You can transfer files and information directly into the system without any detours. This allows you to keep track of your communication and have all relevant data in one central location.

Transferring attachments to files

The integration also allows you to transfer email attachments to your files. You can save important files and documents that exist as attachments in emails directly in Continux. This gives you quick access to all relevant information and avoids the hassle of searching through emails.

Use of the special function

  • Integrate your email inbox or shared mailbox: You can integrate your email inbox or shared mailbox directly into Continux to transfer files and information without detours. This saves time and ensures efficient data management.
  • Save time when transferring e-mail texts and attachments: The direct transfer of e-mail texts and attachments to the appropriate files saves you valuable time. You can quickly and easily transfer information to Continux without time-consuming copying and pasting.
  • Create tasks directly from emails: With the ability to create tasks directly from emails, you can keep track of your workflows. You can quickly identify tasks and assign them to the right people to ensure efficient collaboration.

Continux Email Integration offers you a comprehensive solution to optimally integrate email into your workflows. Use this special feature to increase your productivity, save time and manage your communication effectively.

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