The proximity to the development

Patent attorneys in industries should be located very close to developers and inventors, as they play an important role in securing intellectual property and maximizing the value of inventions. By working closely with developers and inventors, patent attorneys can be involved early in the development process to ensure that inventions are properly documented and protected.

The patent attorney, who is employed in the industry, ideally has the technical insight

Solution Consideration

The development of patents and patent communication externally and internally

Patent attorneys can help identify and evaluate inventions and support the development process by making recommendations on patent strategy and intellectual property protection.

Working out inventions requires a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge and flexibility

Strategic support through targeted use of the intellectual property portfolio

Salaried patent attorneys can help find potential licensees or buyers for inventions and assist companies in enforcing their patents when infringement occurs. This is all facilitated with a well-maintained common platform that they can access from anywhere at any time.

Solution implementation

Proximity to development is crucial

By working closely with developers and inventors, in-house patent attorneys understand very well how their company's technologies work and what benefits they offer. This understanding is an important prerequisite for tailoring their work results to the needs of their company and optimizing the protection of intellectual property.

Do you have the right tools to help you with this work?

To do this, they need tools that help them retrieve their knowledge quickly and transparently. But not only that. Material that has already been used can also be applied again and again. However, it should not end in time-consuming searches. Isn't it the case that, even when communicating with auditors in different countries, one would like to reuse arguments that have already been applied and accepted by auditors in other countries of the same family?

It is important to have a clear overview of the company's property rights as well as arguments that were once put forward

To do this, you need a tool like Continux, which makes it easy for you to keep track of your family, so that you can, for example, easily reuse arguments that have been made once.

Added value

So what's the point of an IP management system like Continux now?

Overall, it is important that patent attorneys in industries are located very close to developers and inventors to ensure that intellectual property is adequately protected and companies can get the maximum benefit from their inventions. However, this proximity does not necessarily have to be physically established, but can nowadays be easily and transparently ensured with the help of modern cloud applications such as Continux.

The consideration of complicated contexts does not necessarily have to happen side by side nowadays, even if this sometimes has its charm

For a successful company, it is a must to be supported with the appropriate tools on the software side in the best possible way and is easily ensured with a cloud application like Continux. Today, no one can stand side by side with the development, here suitable cloud tools must be used.

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