Trademark management software

What is important in the management of brands?

Trademark management differs significantly from other types of intellectual property rights.

An important function in any large company that has or manages more than a handful of brands is the digital management of brands. With Continux, you can finally work appropriately. One of the key aspects of trademark management is the ability to track changes in the list of goods and services over time and to keep the previous status visible at all times.

But these are already finesses. It is important to reach the goal quickly in daily work. For example, if one searches for a trademark name, an applicant or an owner with the letter sequence "ZDF", all corresponding trademarks should be findable at the "push of a button". If you want to narrow down the search further, this should be possible without any problems.

Here is an example of searching for the name/brand/title "ZDF" in Continux.

By digitizing the directory, companies can check at any time which products and services are registered under their trademark and whether there are any changes or additions. This is important to ensure that the brand is always aligned with the right products and services and that there is no overlap or confusion with other brands. By collecting data on brand usage and awareness, companies can measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities and adjust their strategies accordingly. This allows them to optimally position their brand and ensure that it is perceived positively in the eyes of their target audience. In summary, digital brand management offers many benefits, including transparency, the ability to track changes in the list of goods and services over time and the accurate measurement of brand performance. Companies that take advantage of these benefits can ensure that their brand is always up to date and that they can operate successfully in an ever-changing market environment. This allows companies to react quickly to developments and ensure that their brand is successfully positioned.

Brand management package for efficient administration and time savings

Benefits of the package

  • All trademark application and trademark family information in one place
  • Time savings through automation of administrative activities
  • Automatic workflows for the extension of brand families
  • Quick information compilation
  • Overview of pending tasks (ToDos)
  • Customized search with tags

Functional scope of the package

  • Workflows for different trademark types (DE, EU, WO) when creating files
  • Graphical representation of the mark for better understanding
  • History of the list of goods and services for tracking changes
  • Linking of contacts for easy communication
  • Keyword function (tags) for targeted grouping of marks
  • Notes and comments on trademark management
  • Visualize family relationships (family tree or family list)
  • Grouping of brands by base brand
  • Recording and management of official notices with date

Our trademark management package offers you an efficient and time-saving solution for managing your trademarks. All relevant trademark application and family information is available in one place, so you no longer need to search for scattered data. By automating administrative activities, you save time and resources. Automatic workflows support you in expanding your trademark families and simplify the compilation of information.

With our package, you always keep track of all pending tasks and can process them efficiently. The individualized search with tags allows you to search specifically for certain criteria and quickly find the information you need.

In addition, the trademark management package offers a variety of features, including specific workflows for different types of trademarks when creating files, graphical representations of the trademark for better understanding, a history of the list of goods and services for easy tracking of changes, and contact linking for smooth communication.

The keyword function (tags) allows you to group marks according to specific criteria, leave notes and comments on mark management and visualize family relationships either as a family tree or family list. In addition, you can group marks by base marks and record and manage a variable number of official notices with dates.

Simplify your brand management, save time and always keep track of your brands with our brand management package.

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