Continux IP Management System - The All-in-One Tool for IP Management

The Continux system offers a comprehensive range of standard functions to make your IP management efficient. With flexible tools and intuitive user interface, you optimize your workflows and increase productivity.

Basic functions

The basic features listed below are included with every piece of software you purchase from us, no matter which of the many packages we have on offer you purchase:

  • Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on your IP rights and get sound information for strategic decisions and management.
Whether in German or English, get a quick overview of your property rights
  • Permission management and user roles: Manage individual access rights and protect confidential data from unauthorized access. Allow even outsiders limited insight into areas you have released.
  • Comprehensive search functionality: Quickly find relevant information in your IP database to save time and get accurate results.
  • Address management: Centralize contact data of internal and external partners for efficient collaboration.
  • Multilingual (German/English): Use the system in your preferred language to facilitate international communication.
  • Data export: Export data in common formats for further processing and sharing with others.
  • Recording costs for intellectual property rights: Keep track of expenses and costs related to your intellectual property rights and optimize your budget.
  • Resubmissions and reminders: Never miss important deadlines or tasks again and achieve effective scheduling.
  • Archive documents and emails: Secure your IP documents in one central location and improve organization.
  • Filter property rights lists: Structure property rights families according to your criteria and keep an overview.
  • Cost per family: Track the cost per IP family and optimize your budget management.
  • Editable deadlines, task assignment, commenting, change and status notifications (alerts), reporting: adjust deadlines, assign tasks, communicate via comments and stay up to date on changes.


  • Perform all essential tasks for your IP rights with a single package.
  • Enjoy flexibility and customize the software exactly to your needs.
  • Keep track of your protection rights and the people involved at all times.
  • Save time when collaborating with internal and external partners.
  • Find and link data effortlessly and experience playful usability.
  • Use user group-specific views for optimized collaboration.
  • All tasks for everyone involved are visible at a glance.
  • Complete tasks simply, clearly and efficiently.
  • Receive automatic email notifications with direct link to the task.

Experience the benefits of the Continux system and optimize your IP management. Benefit from flexibility, efficiency and a comprehensive overview of your IP rights and involved persons. Simplify your workflows and achieve your IP management goals with ease.

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