Freedom to Operate

Welcome to our outstanding "Freedom to operate" package! With this package, we offer you a comprehensive solution to efficiently ensure your freedom to exercise IP rights. Discover the wide range of functions and the great benefits this package has in store for you.

Consolidation of property rights

One of the outstanding functions of this package is the automated merging of IP rights. This eliminates the tedious copying, pasting and updating of information. You can access a conveniently retrievable and comprehensible basis for assessment at any time. The processes are transferred into a simple routine so that you can focus your time and energy on other important tasks.

Availability of IP knowledge

Another major advantage of this package is the availability of IP knowledge for various applications, independent of the individual. You can standardize data acquisition and processing and thus achieve transparency regarding both your own IP rights and third-party IP rights. All relevant information is available centrally to give you a comprehensive overview at all times.

With the help of independent claims, you get reliable assessments that provide you with a solid basis for your decisions. The collection process is automated through import, and you have the option to store summaries and assessments to further increase efficiency.

Our"Freedom to operate" package provides you with the tools you need to guarantee your freedom to exercise IP rights. You save time, have access to transparent information and can make informed decisions. Increase your efficiency and safeguard your business interests with our unique package.

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