Conflict management package

Welcome to the Conflict Management Package! With this comprehensive package, we offer you the tools and functions to effectively identify, analyze and resolve conflicts. Whether you work in a company, organization or team, our package enables you to manage conflicts in a professional and efficient way.

Benefits of the package

  • Individual approach: With our conflict management package, you can customize any approach. You have the flexibility to use your own proven methods and strategies and adapt them to the specific requirements of each conflict.
  • Conflict history: A detailed conflict history gives you a comprehensive overview of all current and previous measures. You can track the progress of conflict resolution, identify important milestones and monitor progress in real time.
  • Streamlined working: With the right information at all times, you can work more efficiently. Our package ensures that you always have all the relevant information about a conflict, including the current status, assigned tasks, parties involved and much more. This allows you to make informed decisions and take targeted action.

Functions of the package

  • Conflict types (freely definable): Define the types of conflicts that are relevant to your company or organization. The package allows you to create and manage individual conflict types for precise classification and analysis.
  • Actions (freely definable): Define the possible actions that can be taken as part of the conflict resolution process. You can create user-defined action plans to address specific conflict situations and document the steps taken to resolve them.
  • Conflict status (freely definable): Define the status of a conflict to track the progress of conflict resolution. You can set individual status options, such as "in progress", "resolved", "suspended", etc., to clearly indicate the current status of each conflict.
  • Reporting: Create detailed reports on conflict analyses, progress and results. The package offers you user-friendly reporting functions to prepare important information visually and present it in an understandable way. This gives you valuable insights and allows you to derive suitable measures.
  • Conflict history and development: Keep track of past conflicts and how they have evolved. By being able to document the progress and history of each conflict, you can learn from past experiences, apply best practices and find long-term solutions.

Discover the Conflict Management Package and experience the benefits of structured and effective conflict management. With our solution, you can successfully manage conflicts, improve collaboration and contribute to a positive work environment. Order today and take the first step towards a conflict-free future!

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