The General Data Protection Regulation, basically a blessing but a big piece of work!

Before companies and law firms decide to use cloud software, it is important to put the cloud software provider through its paces. The GDPR is a crucial law for the protection of personal data in the European Union and has far-reaching implications for companies that process personal data. While many cloud software providers advertise expert implementation of the EU requirements, it is better for the buyer to get a sufficient picture of the scope of the implementations themselves.

Is your data really protected at the chosen cloud service provider and organized according to the GDPR?

Solution Consideration

The position of data protection officer should not be underestimated and requires continuous review of any cloud service provider

A diligent company verifies the GDPR compliance of a cloud service provider, ensuring that the personal data of its customers, employees or other data subjects is adequately protected. In doing so, the company should carefully review the provider's privacy policies, measures and obligations.

When reviewing the actions taken by a cloud service provider, there is much to examine

Solution implementation

A cloud service provider must transparently present its Technical Organizational Measures (so-called TOMs) and has room for improvement in this respect

There are some important aspects to consider when assessing a cloud service provider's GDPR compliance. But some cloud service providers meet the minimum requirements, others exceed the expectation of the companies! We at Continux are not satisfied with the minimum.

Continux helps to carry out a thorough check and to provide all features in a clean format. The technical and organizational measures taken by the cloud service provider, the so-called TOMs, are particularly decisive.

A GDPR-compliant cloud software must take many measures, all of which must be considered

By thoroughly auditing the GDPR compliance of a cloud service provider, companies can ensure that they meet the legal requirements when processing personal data. This minimizes the risk of data breaches, penalties and negative impact on the company's image.

The GDPR explicitly requires that companies implement appropriate TOMs to ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data. This includes measures, all of which Continux has implemented and, it must be remembered, is continuously implementing. Measures such as access controls, encryption, data backup, regular security audits, awareness training for employees and much more.

Employee training on data protection awareness is part of our mandatory program at Continux

Added value

DSGVO compliance and excellent TOM's result in a qualified image of a cloud service provider

When assessing the GDPR compliance of a cloud service provider, it is important to ensure that the provider has implemented appropriate TOMs. To do this, you should gather information about the provider's security measures and standards to ensure that your customers' and employees' personal data is adequately protected. If you do this, you will be on the safe side if you find that the provider may even not only meet, but exceed, the legally mandated requirements.

By reviewing the cloud service provider's TOMs, you ensure that the security measures are at an appropriate level and meet the requirements of the GDPR. This helps to ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized access, loss or misuse and increases confidence in the security of the cloud software.

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