AI translation: Natural and accurate translation results

Enjoy high-quality translations provided by DeepLthe industry leader in artificial intelligence.


  • IP-specific vocabulary (German-English): Achieve precise and coherent translation results by accessing subject-specific vocabulary developed specifically for German-English translations. Other specialist terminology is also available on request.
  • Supported formats:.docx, .pptx, .txt, .pdf. Easily translate texts and documents in different formats.


  • Fully automatic translation of texts in natural language: Save time and effort by having texts, descriptions and documents translated fully automatically in natural language.
  • IP technical terminology stored for coherent translation results (German-English, others on request): Get accurate translations in the field of intellectual property by using specific vocabulary. Specialist terminology for other areas is also available upon request.
  • Text and document translation: Translate both short texts and more extensive documents effortlessly into the desired language.
  • 29 available languages: Reach a wide audience by having your content translated into 29 different languages.

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