Finance - Efficient cost management and budget planning

Discover our powerful Finance package that helps you keep track of your costs and effectively manage your financial resources. With a range of useful features, this package offers comprehensive benefits for your business.

Your costs at a glance

With our "Finances" package you have the possibility to track your expenses per calendar year, fiscal year and even per month. You will always keep track of your finances and be able to budget effectively.

Budget targets per IP family

You can set budget targets per IP family to ensure that your financial resources are used optimally. This feature keeps you in control of your spending and ensures targeted and efficient budget management.

Inventor compensation and cost centers

Another major advantage of this package is the ability to manage inventor remuneration. You can define cost centers per property right with sub-cost centers in order to efficiently allocate the remuneration to the corresponding inventors. This simplifies the administration of remuneration and ensures transparency.

Please note that the "Finance" package is only available in combination with our "Inventions" package. This combination provides you with a comprehensive system for managing inventions, costs and financial resources.

Optimize your financial management and keep control of your expenses with our Finance package. Use the wide range of functions to set budgets, manage inventor compensation and allocate cost centers efficiently. Increase your company's efficiency and make the most of your financial resources.

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