Facilitating the work of research and development when collecting ideas and submitting invention disclosures and saving time for the patent department by making it easier to process invention disclosures are part of the invention package. Get an overview of all inventors and their inventions at any time.

What functions does the package offer?

Inventor shares workflow for patent application

Discover the innovative solution with our package that offers you numerous advantages. From facilitating the work of research and development to the efficient management of invention disclosures and patent applications, this package is an indispensable tool for any company.

Facilitate the work of research and development in collecting ideas and filing invention disclosures.

With our package you will experience a significant facilitation of the work of research and development. You can collect ideas and easily submit invention disclosures. Intuitive features and a user-friendly interface streamline the entire process so your employees can focus on what's important: innovative ideas and breakthrough inventions.

Time savings for the patent department due to easier processing of invention disclosures

In addition, our package offers you significant time savings for the patent department. The processing of invention disclosures is simplified and accelerated so that important deadlines can be met and valuable resources can be used efficiently. The package enables a smooth patent application workflow that brings together all relevant information and documents in one central location.

Overview of all inventors and their inventions at any given time

Another great advantage is the comprehensive overview of all inventors and their inventions at any time. With our package, you have full control over inventor history, premium recording and inventor share management. You can easily access information, identify correlations and base decisions on sound data.


One of the outstanding features of our package is the automated management of deadlines to ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines. Rely on our intelligent software to inform you in time about upcoming deadlines and help you file your patent applications on time.

Invention disclosure (DE)

The package also includes a user-friendly invention report specifically tailored to your needs. Clear and structured input fields allow your employees to enter relevant information quickly and accurately to speed up the entire process.

Inventor history

Keep track of your inventors' history. With our package you can track and manage information about previous inventions, shareholdings and other relevant details.

Premium recording

Capture rewards and reward your inventors appropriately for their valuable contributions. Our package makes it easy to record and manage premium payments.

Inventor shares workflow for patent application

Optimize the patent application workflow and manage inventor shares efficiently. With our package, you have everything you need to make the process smooth and transparent.

Discover the benefits of our package and revolutionize your research and development efforts. Save time, optimize processes and always keep track of all inventors and their inventions. Use this unique solution to strengthen your patent strategy and drive innovation.

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