Workflow optimization through Continux Intellectual Property Software

Using Continux Intellectual Property (IP) Software (IPMS) helps companies streamline their idea development, invention and patenting workflow. By automating and simplifying the process, Continux IP software helps companies turn their know-how and inventions into patented products faster and more effectively.

Inventor experience

Inventors who use IP software have had good experiences. Carmen Lehner, inventor at Yazaki Regensburg, emphasizes that the Continux IP software speeds up the invention process and thus effectively protects intellectual property. In addition, she says, Continux software has helped to better structure and organize ideas and facilitate communication between the patent department and inventors.

Experience of patent attorneys

Patent attorneys have also had positive experiences with Continux IP software. For example, they were able to contact the client Yazaki in the Continux software in a secure way and exchange important documents. In addition, Continux helps keep track of existing patents and meet important deadlines. It facilitates the coordination of intellectual property rights with the client.

Experiences of patent assessors

Carmen Lehner at Yazaki Regensburg highlights that using Continux IP software has helped streamline the invention process and ensure that no important steps are overlooked. Internal communication has also improved, she says.


Overall, Continux IP software offers companies a way to streamline their idea development, invention and patenting process. By automating and simplifying the process, companies can save time and resources and turn their ideas into patented products faster. The experiences of inventors and patent attorneys show that Continux is a valuable tool for protecting intellectual property and streamlining workflow.

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