Improvement of client communication and client information

Using Continux Intellectual Property Software in a patent, trademark and IP law firm helps improve client retention. Continux IP software enables patent agents, attorneys and patent representatives to work more effectively and efficiently and provide better service to clients.

The modern access to a law firm, the client portal

In particular, setting up a client portal can help clients be better informed and feel more connected to the firm.

Direct access to data and creating transparency for clients

A client portal provides clients with direct access to the data collected and managed by the firm. This allows them to access their data at any time and track the progress of their matters. They can also communicate and exchange documents with their lawyer quickly and easily. This not only increases transparency, but also efficiency, as less time needs to be spent exchanging information.

Choosing the right client portal is crucial

Patent and trademark attorneys have already had good experiences with the use of Continux IP software and client portals. One example is the law firm of Dr. Anke Reich, whose partner Dr. Reich says: "The use of Continux IP software together with the client portal has helped us to elegantly support the service we provide to our clients. Our clients can access their data and check on the progress of their matters at any time. We have also found that using Continux IP software has allowed us to work more effectively and efficiently, saving us time, money and nerves."

Benefits in practice according to our customers

The use of Continux IP software with client portals subsequently strengthens the relationship of patent and trademark law firms with their clients. Clients feel better informed and involved, which leads to higher client satisfaction. In addition, Continux IP software helps minimize errors and achieve clear results faster.

Result: Satisfied clients in the long term

Overall, the use of Intellectual Property Software and especially the establishment of a client portal can help to improve client retention. Clients feel better informed and involved, and the firm can work more effectively and efficiently. It is no wonder that trademark attorneys are already using this technology successfully.

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