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Best of breed - How the old approach of buying the most specialized from all software vendors to then get the best from each is disappearing more and more in today's world at the expense of an "all from one source service" and how vendors can recognize this development to unite "despite" best of breed all outstanding vendors on a unified platform from the customer's point of view in such a way that it no longer makes a difference to the customer WHO the service comes from, but he can seamlessly benefit from the best of breed.

Best of Breed - How the old approach of buying from specialized software vendors is disappearing in today's world

In the past, it was common for companies to use a variety of software vendors to find the best solutions for their business needs. This strategy was called best of breed, and it had the advantage that each system was tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Everything from a single source - The new approach

In recent years, however, this approach has changed as many companies focus on all-in-one solutions. Instead of buying from multiple vendors, companies are opting for a single platform that covers all the functions they need. These "one-stop shop" approaches are popular with some companies because they allow for easier implementation and management.

The disadvantages of the "one-stop shop" approach

However, this development also has its drawbacks. An all-in-one platform cannot offer the same depth and specialization as the best providers on the market. Customers must be prepared for the trade-offs that must be made when choosing an all-in-one solution. Some features may not be as good as they could be because they are not tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Integrated Platforms - The Future of the Software Industry

However, manufacturers can recognize this development and respond to customers' needs by combining the advantages of both approaches. They can develop platforms that unite all outstanding manufacturers on a single platform, so that it no longer makes any difference to the customer who the service comes from. The customer can thus seamlessly take advantage of the best of breed.

The advantages of integrated platforms

These integrated platforms are the future of the software industry. They offer the flexibility and specialization of best-of-breed solutions, coupled with the simplicity and integration of all-in-one solutions. Vendors that understand and implement this evolution will be able to provide a better customer experience and differentiate themselves in the highly competitive software industry.


Overall, it can be said that while Best of Breed is disappearing in today's world, it is not completely obsolete. It is possible to integrate Best of Breed solutions into integrated platforms and thus offer the best of both worlds. The manufacturers who recognize and implement this opportunity will be successful and meet the needs of their customers.

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