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Publishing innovations without prior review by the patent department can actually cause problems and prevent valuable patent applications. To avoid this, it is important that companies take steps to educate their employees about the value of patents and intellectual property and involve them in the patent application process.

A company-wide software can be an effective solution to address this problem. Here are some features that such software might have:

  1. Training and awareness: The software can provide training materials, training videos, or interactive learning modules to educate employees about patents, intellectual property, and the application process. This allows them to raise awareness of the importance of patents and intellectual property protection.
  2. Pre-publication review: The software can provide a review function that automatically prompts employees to forward information or innovations to the patent department before they are published. This can take the form of an automated workflow that allows the patent department to review the information and take further action if necessary.
  3. Collaboration and communication: The software can provide a platform where employees and the patent department can work together efficiently. Employees can share their ideas and innovations with the patent department, ask questions and receive feedback. This promotes proactive communication and reduces the risk of ill-considered publications.
  4. Patent search: The software can provide a function to perform patent searches to ensure that new innovations are not already protected by existing patents. This can avoid potential infringement and enable valuable patent applications.
  5. Policies and guides: The software can provide department-specific policies and guides to give employees clear instructions on how to handle patents and intellectual property. This can help reduce misunderstandings and errors.

It is important to note that company-wide software alone is not enough to solve the problem. It also requires a culture of awareness and appreciation for intellectual property throughout the company. The introduction of such software should be accompanied by a comprehensive training and awareness campaign to ensure that all employees understand the importance of patents and act accordingly.

By informing their employees about patents and intellectual property, involving them in the filing process and implementing appropriate company-wide software, companies can reduce the risk of ill-considered disclosures and ensure that valuable patent applications are not prevented. In the long term, this can help to increase the value of patents and intellectual property in the company and secure competitive advantages.

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