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Do you work for a multinational company spread across many countries or a company with local branches?

The patents, trademarks and designs are processed company-wide, country-wide and locally, but should also be made available to others on a selective basis. All information or only limited information? Multi-client capability including a profound rights concept would be the solution? No problem for Continux!

Due to state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated software and data architecture, the choice is yours. True multi-client capability automatically recognizes who the data owner is and automatically controls access to IPR data as you have defined it - denied/allowed/restricted! Or you can "rightsize" access to individual segments, patents, processes, files,... related to different roles and persons in your company.

In this way, we also guarantee a well thought-out roles and rights concept. With this problem-free implementation of multi-client capability, we address not only multinational companies, but also law firms that can and want to process, exchange, and communicate with their clients in a largely digitalized manner. With only one platform - Continux - you can process and separately manage the IP rights of different clients by separating the individual client "versions" without ever running the risk that the IP rights of different clients are visible to each other.

With this option, we support you to take another step towards digitalization. Convince yourself and request a non-binding and free demo.

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