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Job description

We are a company that has grown extremely quickly in recent years and continues to grow. We have specialized in software from the cloud. We actively shape the market for intellectual property solutions and see ourselves as a technology and innovation leader. Now we are looking for you, the conscientious office worker who is ready to get involved and work with passion and heart and soul on the success of our company. Someone who knows how important it is to recognize a GmbH as a machine and to keep this machine running.

A company is nothing more than a machine that has to run. Preferably without friction loss

Who is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the machine runs smoothly. Not afraid to address problems, document work steps where necessary, be transparent with staff and live the company ideals. These are

  • Openness.
  • Courage.
  • Attention.
  • Focus.
  • Commitment.
We achieve our goal as a team, we run together and our values correspond to the values of the company. This is the only way to fit together in the long term and the only way to enjoy running together.

We cannot promise that we will always live or manage to live these values 100%. But we can promise that we are constantly working to achieve 100% in this respect, even though the company's success is of course above all else, as long as none of us are harmed in the process and as long as each of us feels good about it. This needs to be cultivated. So we stop and try to see things from different perspectives. We help each other to do this.

A change of perspective is difficult in everyday (company) life, but is the key to successful cooperation

If you feel addressed, are convinced that you bring added value to the company and at the same time to yourself, i.e. are convinced that you see the following qualities as your own:

  • I can work independently and at the same time ask questions when it is important,
  • I have the desire to adapt, I am adaptable and willing to learn, because I am curious and open to new things,
  • I can put my sensitivities at the service of a company, but I can recognize what is not right for me and communicate this,
  • I have so much professional experience that nobody has to take me by the hand to explain elementary details to me (such as why every internal and external communication is a business card for a company and how important it is to remain thorough and friendly at the same time), rather I can take the company by the hand,

then we are convinced that we can deliver a "perfect fit".

Please get in touch with us and let us talk. Please contact our managing director Elif Levin.

Type of job: Minijob

Working hours:

  • Monday to Friday, to be arranged individually


  • Home office option


  • Apprenticeship/training (desirable)

Professional experience:

  • Office work: 1 year (desirable)


  • English (required)
  • German (required)

Work location: Home office

Expected start date: immediately

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